This website is an archived document that hasn’t been actively updated since 2017. Please visit our brain tumor cocktails and stories for up-to-date discussion.

If you have a brain tumour, you’re not likely to be in a position to become a full-time researcher yourself. I feel that the present standard of care for brain tumours (surgery, radiation and possibly chemotherapy) is incomplete, leaving much room for improvement. Many people with brain tumours feel the need to experiment with various alternative treatments.

This site is about options, mostly based on my reading of the peer-reviewed scientific literature, and some correspondence with experts working in the field. I view my role as being that of a medical interpreter. I aim to empower the patient to make informed decisions about their treatment options by interpreting the scientific literature, which often appears inaccessible to those without a specialized scientific training. I have no formal scientific training, but I have a scientific mind, and I know how to do my homework.

I aim to present a picture, based on the best available evidence, of both mainstream and experimental treatment options, in order to empower those individuals feeling confused or at a loss while being processed through the machinery of the cancer treatment industry. The standard of care must become more strategic, adaptive and individualized. This website represents my best effort to further that project, ultimately with the hope of helping to extend and save lives. I sincerely wish each of you all the best on your journey!

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and do not have a formal scientific education. The information presented here is based on my interpretation of published scientific studies, interspersed with my opinions. It is up to the reader’s discretion to use this information as he/she sees fit.