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Our brain tumor cocktails and stories at Blogger. This blog was created as a new location for the long-running discussion at cancercompass called “GBM…Our cocktail and story.”
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Toom-ah? What Stinkin’ Toom-ah? Meet Jessica Oldwyn, cancer-fighter extraordinaire. Living with a diffuse astrocytoma (grade II), Jess is a good friend of mine and her story provides inspiration and hope to thousands of others. Click on Jessica and Dan’s photo to visit her blog.

Jess and Dan

Informational Sites and Media

Surviving Terminal Cancer (film)
An exciting, must-see documentary on brain tumour survivors and multi-agent “cocktail” approaches to treatment was premiered in New York and London in February 2015. 20-year glioblastoma survivor Ben Williams (author of a book called Surviving Terminal Cancer) is featured prominently in this film, made by Dominic Hill. Visit the Surviving Terminal Cancer website to watch the full 1 hour and 38 minute documentary, or watch the teaser below.

Virtual Founded by Al Musella, this is the original brain tumor site. Very comprehensive.

Musella Foundation

Ben Williams “Treatment Options for Glioblastoma and Other Gliomas” (updated yearly). Find this document and other essays by Ben Williams, archived at Ben is a 20-year survivor (without recurrence) of secondary glioblastoma, diagnosed in 1995, a pioneer of the drug cocktail approach, and advocate of repurposed drugs and supplements. Author of the 2002 book, Surviving Terminal Cancer, Ben has provided inspiration, information and hope to malignant glioma patients for nearly two decades.

Surviving Terminal Cancer

Nutritional Support

Patrice Surley. Patrice is an oncology nutritionist and herbalist who has specialized in helping glioblastoma patients for 10 years (as of 2018).


Inspirational music video by a young man named Zack undergoing treatment for astrocytoma.